For Innovators

This section is for innovators looking to use the services of Anglehart et al. for drafting, filing and prosecuting patents applications.

Steps in securing patent protection:

  • Review innovation performed with inventors and business strategy with directors to define objects of interest to patent
  • Determine closest state of the art relevant to objects of interest – possible search effort, and review of plans to disclose invention to public
  • Determine patentability of selected invention and subject matter to be claimed
  • Prepare technical description of invention relevant to claimed subject matter, patent claims and suitable drawings
  • File first patent application with Patent Office – patent pending status established
  • File any desired corresponding patent application within one year of first filing with priority of filing date of first filing for common description. For many countries, an intermediate Patent Cooperation Treaty international patent application is filed, and later converted to national patent applications by 30 months from the priority date.
  • Patent application is published at 18 months
  • Examination of patent application at national Patent Office – negotiation with Patent Office Examiner to obtain broad, valid scope of claims
  • Appeal process or Grant of national patent – enforceable rights begin with Grant or Issue of patent
  • Maintenance fees to keep application or patent in force for maximum of 20-year term